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University experience

In Canada, they often speak of the university experience. Canadian campuses are generally detached from the surrounding milieu, taking up several city blocks, and many have their own shopping malls, banks, post offices, etc. Often you do not have to leave the campus at all since everything you need is available close by.

Furthermore, you will find lots of clubs, student groups, sports facilities and activities, school spirit organisations, ideological and political associations on campus. No matter what your interests are, you will be able to join a group or a club and meet other students who share your interests. This creates a much stronger sense of community on a university campus than you would experience in Denmark, and it is a great social advantage for any new student at a Canadian university.

As an exchange student, there will doubtless also be activities and groups already established to give you special support or just the chance to relax and share your experiences with other exchange students. Overall, you can expect a very broad range of opportunities to interact with other students on campus if you choose to do so.