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Business and Economics

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Tax and Trade Guide - Canada
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Town and City: Aspects of Western Canadian Urban Development
Canadian Plains Studies
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(2 copies)

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Government of Canada
Canada - U.S. trade Negotiations. A Chronology/
Négociations Commerciales Canada - États-Unis. La Chronologie
(2 copies)

Government of Canada
Septiéme rapport annuel sur le commerce internationale du Canada
Foreign Affairs and International trade Canada, 2006

HLB International
Doing Business in Canada
HLB Canada, 1990

Following the Energy road. Visitor’s guide to Hydro-Québec Installations
Vice-présidence Communications et Relations publiques, 1999

Future Hydro Development in Northern Québec: a Rational and Balanced Choice
Service Édition et Communication écrite, Direction Édition et Publicité, Vice-présidence
Communications et Relations publiques, 1991

Proposed Hydro-Québec Development Plan, 1990-1992 - Horizon 1999. Hydro-Québec and
the Environment
Hydro-Québec, 1990

Proposed Hydro-Québec Development Plan 1990-1992 - Horizon 1999, Summary
Hydro-Québec, 1990

Ministère des Affaires Internationales du Gouvernment du Québec
Québec and the North American Free Trade Agreement
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