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High school

There are numerous private, independent and publicly funded secondary schools in Canada. Students can choose to study intensive English or, an integrated academic and English program. For those with strong English language skills there are various academic programs, which can lead to a Canadian high school diploma.

Private Schools

Private schools exist in every province and provide an attractive alternative for families seeking an overseas education for their children. Many of Canada's business and political leaders are graduates of well-established private schools. All private schools must be registered with the Ministry of Education in their province or territory, and must meet the curriculum and other standards set by their respective ministries. Families can choose schools that are boys-only, girls-only or co-educational. Some private schools offer full boarding programs, others are day schools, and many offer both. Many private schools adhere to a particular religious faith, emphasize particular moral teachings and apply rigorous academic standards.

Public Schools

Many Canadian public schools are now accepting international students into their programs. Publicly-funded schools are managed at the local level by elected school boards. Almost all public schools are co-educational and offer day programs only. Many school boards offer secular or non-religious education while others have religious affiliations. However, this varies from province to province. Policies on accepting international students and the fees charged vary from district to district.