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Canadian Studies

The Canadian Studies Centre (CSC) serves as a centre for
information and documentation for people in the Nordic
countries who want to study in Canada or carry out Canadian
studies in Aarhus.


MA students visit Embassy of Canada to Denmark


Pictured from left-to-right: Lilly Dan Frederiksen, Christine Aandstad Lund Jensen, Anne Yding Juul Sørensen, Martin Middelboe, Mathilde Noer, Ambassador Emi Furuya (Embassy of Canada to Denmark), Karl van Kessel (Counsellor, Mission of Canada to the European Union), Mark Eaton (Director of the Canadian Studies Centre, Department of English, AU), Daniel Ingemann Kroier Pedersen, Birthe Ruth Fraenkel, Susanne Lund Hellstern, and Lisa Christensen (Trade Commissioner, Embassy of Canada to Denmark).

Members of the course ”The UK in a Post-Brexit World: Can The Commonwealth Replace the EU?” (English MA degree programme) visited the Embassy of Canada to the Kingdom of Denmark on 13 April 2018 where they heard presentations on Canada’s current and future trade policies and priorities, with a particular focus on the importance of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) and the potential consequences of Brexit for Canada-UK trade relations.

Programme for the day.

Experts say Canada and Denmark should share control of Arctic island

Michael Böss (lector and director of the Canadian Studies Centre, Aarhus University) and Professor Michael Byers of the University of British Columbia, propose novel joint sovereignty solution to ongoing Canada-Denmark Hans Island dispute.

Source: The Globe and Mail

Reopening of CSC

Canadian Studies Centre has now been moved to its new location at Aarhus University, and our library has reopened.

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